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Hi! Welcome to my blog!

My husband and I got married over a year ago and moved to small town Nebraska from the hustle and bustle of Kansas City. We both were offered wonderful positions in our respective occupations that we just couldn't pass up. It's definitely been a culture shock, but we're adjusting. I'm convinced that you could drop Eric off anywhere in the world and he would just love Eric's transition time has been much quicker than mine :) But who couldn't make the most of a situation with a husband who sees the absolute best in everyone and every situation. He's made it very worth every minute of being here.

I decided to start this blog after I found myself getting very involved and interested in home improvement projects, cooking, photography and gardening.  I definitely have a passion for creativity and trying new things. I hope to continue to learn more and be inspired every day. 

I don't claim that any of my recipes are profound or my projects haven't been done by anyone else, but I hope that you can learn something in your time here. I love feedback, so don't hesitate to comment!
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