Saturday, September 10, 2011

As of late....

It's been a while since I've posted. A lot has been going on in the Rinehart household and blogging took the back seat. But I'm baaaack!
I am officially a contract therapist at a private practice! I'm am so excited to start this new professional journey. I've realized how important it is to be happy at your job, and since I've left my "old" job it feels like a weight has been lifted.  There is definitely some fear involved in going into private practice, but I'm hopeful that everything will work out wonderfully. 
In the time it takes to get a consistent caseload, I am helping out at the jewelry store downtown. Our friends own the store, so I think it'll be fun a way to make a little extra money in the meantime.
Eric is a couple of weeks into his new position at Cabela's and is really enjoying it :)
The newest addition is that my friend Jennifer and I are the new high school dance team coaches!! We accepted the position yesterday and can't wait to hit the ground running! We are so excited and honored to take on this job. 
And we celebrated our first wedding anniversary last weekend! I can't believe it's already been a year. There have been so many changes in our lives in the year we've been married, but we've adapted well and love enjoying the journey we're on together :) Ok, enough of the mooshy stuff.
It's FALL in Sidney! So that means decorating the house! 


 Gotta switch out the flower arrangements

Our anniversary weekend was just perfect.
We spent two nights in Boulder, CO....which we fell in love with.
And you can see why.
 We spent the first night on Pearl street, eating sushi and enjoying people-watching

 For dinner the second night, we celebrated our first anniversary at the Melting Pot in Louisville, CO.
It was sooo delicious and quite an experience.
 We walked around the CU campus on Saturday afternoon. 
It was so beautiful! And for about an hour, we got to pretend like we were back in college.
Those were the days...

 (so true)

And when we got home on Sunday, we had the final celebration. Eating a piece of our wedding cake!

It was not delicious. Ha ha.

This just captures how much of a freak for picture-taking I am. Or maybe just a freak in general :)
I will roll down my window in Denver rush hour traffic in attempt to get the perfect skyline shot. 
It didn't happen.
But I can't say that I didn't try!

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