Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Ode to a New Year

It blows my mind that 2011 is gone. I feel like both 2010 and 2011 have flown by and have really been two of the most life-changing years for me so far. But I have to say, it's all been very positive changes. 
Some of the biggest of those in 2011 have been leaving my agency job to take the huge plunge into private practice, becoming co-coach of the high school dance team, and really just redefining my life in Sidney by making new friends, learning more about myself and becoming more involved in the community. Luckily, I have the most supportive husband who helped me easily transition into the new changes. I could not have done it all without him. 
Even though it's fun to reminisce on what 2011 brought, I couldn't be more excited to see what 2012 will bring. We are excited to put in a second bathroom in the house, which Eric is diligently working on (I'm sure that will need a blog in itself). AND with the new year will be a new blog, written by both Eric and me where we will share our home DIY projects and adventures. We'll be sure to share the new website address when it's up and going. Get excited!

We spent a whopping 10 days in Kansas for the holidays. During that time, we had the opportunity to visit with a lot of the people the mean the most to us. Here's a little snapshot of what the trip entailed....

 Bowling with the siblings...I'll have you know that I bowled a 109. Boom, baby.
 Had a great time with our friends, the Beals!
 Insert picture of Jena and Jordan here (hehe). We had a wonderful time with them too, although we don't have the picture to prove it.

Cousin love.

The New Year's Eve party girls
 This was by far the best New Year's Eve I've had so far. What a fun group we got to ring in the new year with!

I have jumped right back into creating new culinary concoctions since we've been home. Pictures and recipes are to follow shortly.

I hope everyone had a safe and peaceful holiday!

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