Sunday, June 5, 2011

The best sandwich you'll ever eat

We just had a fun-filled weekend of camping and outdoor projects, but that post will come later.

For now, I wanted to share my favorite sandwich on the planet.
It came to me one day. Essentially, I put together everything that I love. And naturally, it became a sandwich that is to die for (in my opinion, that is).

First off, I made some homemade pesto. I used walnuts instead of pinenuts...because well, I dislike pinenuts a whole lot. 
So, this is basil, olive oil, lots o' garlic, walnuts, splash of lemon juice, salt, pepper and some fresh thyme.

 Spread it on one side of the bread.
I used french bread from the bakery because it makes plain sandwiches heavenly.
And on the other piece of bread is mayonnaise. What's a sandwich without it?
 And of course the tomatoes
 I put goat cheese on one side of the bread. I love all cheeses, but the goat variety is waaay up there in my favorites. 
And then I put deli turkey on the bad boy.

 Drizzle some olive oil on the bread. 
And pop it under the broiler for a couple of minutes.
Easy as pie!!

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