Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rock Bed Reveal!

Well hello! Yes, I am alive. So are Eric and Barkley.

I have been MIA for quite some time now...for various reasons. This is our first weekend home in several weeks. We've been doing lots of fun things with fun people, but it's just so very nice to be settled back into our routine now. We are getting to do things that we love again, like outdoor projects!

We have also been really busy during the weeks with volleyball and softball games. We're playing on two co-ed leagues this summer, which has been so much fun.

And lastly, I have been busy contemplating a new career endeavor. It looks as though I will be making the big leap into private practice soon! More to come on that soon....

This here project has been a year in the making. We have known since we moved in that we would have to re-do the rock garden behind our house. The ground was slopping toward our house, which is a big no-no, so we had to fix it! It has also been a VERY dreaded project. After much planning and preparation, we jumped right into it.

A while back, we fixed up the egress windows, so now it was time to take out all of the rocks, put down some weed barrier and slope the dirt from the house downward.

Here is was before:

Pretty terribly looking. There were tons of overgrown weeds that were very pesky and strong-willed I tell ya. And there was no barrier from the rocks to the grass, so it just looked bad. 

So, here's how it went down:

 And ta-da!

Doesn't that look so much better? It's cleaner and serves it's purpose. 
This was a pretty labor-intensive project. Our backs hurt pretty badly the days after. But it's so worth it. The next homeowners will thank us too. 

And I'll have you know that Eric and I picked up every one of those rocks by hand to be put into a pile....and then picked them all back up (this time with a shovel) to be put back. Yowsers! I have a new appreciation for landscapers.

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