Monday, May 23, 2011

Herbed Chicken and Couscous

One night last week nothing sounded good. 
So I whipped out the couscous that was politely waiting in the pantry for it's turn. 
And this is what I concocted....

First, I cooked up the chicky in a pan with butter. hmmm, butter.

Then, I threw together my fave herbs. Some fresh, some dried.

And here the couscous makes it's debut

Gotta cover them babies up. Makes for some moistness.

Notice that the herbs are now resting nicely on the chickies.

And on to the couscous prep. 
Well first you....
Just read the box.

And of course, the asparagus. I roasted em'. That's how we like them around here. In these parts.

And that is the hubby digging in. 
I usually don't let him wear hats to the table, but this was a special occassion.

Haha, kidding. 
It wasn't a special occassion.
Ha, and I let him wear hats. Not that he would ask. But if he did, I would totally say yes.

And there she is. 
What a feast indeed.

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