Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday/Halloween!

My hubby is a Halloween baby!
I always ask him what it was like as a kid to have a birthday on Halloween. I mean, you get to dress up, eat lots of candy and stay up late. How cool would that be?!
I personally love Halloween, so celebrating his birthday ON Halloween makes it that much better. 
The night before his day of birth, we had his favorite dinner. MEAT, and lots of it. 
We spend approximately 3 hours on Sunday hopping between our 3 grocery stores...yes, we went to one store twice, in attempt to find the best meat. I think we'll make an adventure out of anything, really. 
He decided on chicken legs, steak, and ribs. 
Because he is a master of the grill (and spices), it all turned out SO well! Bravo birthday boy!

 And on Halloween night, we had some friends over to celebrate his birthday AND a Chief's win!
I will not claim to be a football fan, because I am quit the opposite. So on commercial breaks, Jenn, Tess and I (the football haters) forced the group to play game of all time. Even though the boys huffed and puffed, they loved it. :)
 Eric's favorite cake you ask?
Funfetti cake with strawberry icing
That's right, he likes pink icing and he's not ashamed

 See how much fun Taboo is?

We can't take a serious picture....

 Hahaha, no comment.


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