Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kitchen Re-fresh!

I haven't been happy with our kitchen since we moved in. It feels like a hodge podge of colors. It doesn't feel fresh. It's just not going to cut it.
And honestly, the kitchen is where Eric and I spend the majority of our time at home. So it needs to be perfect! Or at least close.
The main challenge with the space is the lack! The kitchen truly is tiny. We've made it work, but it's still not up to par.

After we got married, I decided to repaint the kitchen cabinets. It was a nice change, but not quite the makeover I was hoping for....

Here are the cabinets before. I had already taken off the two top cabinets when I took this picture, so pretend they're there. Notice that the cabinets are the same color as the walls...

And after...

So, here's the plan for the kitchen makeover:
paint all of the trim pure white
paint the walls sage green
repaint the cabinets all cream (if the two-tone doesn't look right)
replace the off-white blinds with white ones
And EVENTUALLY, replace the windows with new, more energy efficient ones. They let in waaay too much air and new windows would really up the value of the house. Add those to our dream wish list!

I started on the trim of one entryway today. Here's how it went.

It doesn't look like a big difference in the picture, but it really is. I can already tell the space will be much more fresh and airy.

I plan to paint of the trim this week. Maybe I'll even get to the walls!

My amazing husband is so innovative, creative and handy. We've been brainstorming about how we could make a hanging pot rack. Today, while at Wal Mart (naturally) we found a box of 3 cooling racks that we thought would be perfect for the project! $7 for 3 and we used 2. I'll use the other as a cabinet organizer. So many uses for the common cooling rack!

So, Eric rigged up the coolest pot rack to hang above our kitchen sink! This frees up so much space in our sparse cabinets and, well, it looks cool.

I love it!

This, among other reasons, is why I married him :) 

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