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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchen Update

I was able to paint the kitchen walls and most of the trim. The windows are really challenging to paint! I'm dreading finishing the last one....

This is where my inspiration came from...

Now, I do know that my kitchen will never look like the above pictures. But a girl can try!! Don't they just look so airy and inviting?? I thought so too.

I'm really disappointed with my pictures. I really need to figure out the setting on my camera. If I invested as much time into that as I did painting, I'd be quite a photographer!
These really don't show the true color of the walls, so use your imagination. The color is sage green.

I'll take more, I promise. These are just ridiculous. But, the point is...I like it!!

Oh, and this is the kitchen in the midst of it all--

That's right, I pulled out both the refrigerator AND oven all by myself. I'm ripped.

Next step- finishing the windows, installing white blinds, and working on window treatments.

I'm planning to make my own padded valence box. Like this...but not in this fabric. gross.

They look simple to make. Has anyone done these on their own? Do you have tips? And how do you feel about this window treatment in a kitchen? I like the clean lines of the box, personally.

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