Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter in Sidney...

Well, as you can see, this whole blog thing doesn't necessarily come naturally for me. I've been putting off making an entry, but the time has come to make this just another part of my life.

Eric and I were worried that we would get bored this winter. So, we challenged ourselves, along with a couple friend of ours, to get rockin' bods by April.

He has started doing a workout regimen through a program called P90X. It's hardcore. He dedicates an hour to an hour and a half to working out every single day. It's quite impressive. It's been 2 weeks. Only 2 and a half months left! I was supposed to be doing this with him, but found that I just don't have it in me. So, our neighbor Jeff took his place. He is a much better workout partner than I would have been.
BUT, I do have a fitness goal myself! I've always wanted to run a half I'm going to do it.
In about 6 months...
I have to train, duh.
And that's why I got a 10 time punch card at the gym. It's not quite a full year, but it's a start!
So, I will train.
And I will document that training on this here blog. It will be my own little fitness diary, among other things.

So, I will have you know that I went to the gym for the first this past Wednesday. I walked for 35 minutes and did several arm weight machines. It felt nice. The Sidney gym is seriously the smallest, most outdated place I've ever seen. When I first walked in, I expected there to be another room of machines. But no, that was it. It will take some getting used to. It's not about what the complex looks like, it's what you do in it. I need to remember that. 
I then took Barkley for a 30 minute walk yesterday because it was nice, and another 30 minute walk today!
I walked, but it's a start.

Sidney has a series of 5Ks coming up. One each month until May. So, Eric and I plan to run our first ever 5K on March 17.  It's going to be awesome.

Eric leaves for Las Vegas on Monday, so I have to find the internal motivation to keep this "training" up. I can do it. No biggie. Barkley will help...

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