Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cabinet Makeover, Again.

We decided to re-re-paint the kitchen cabinets.  I did a two-toned look over the summer, but with the new green walls, they just didn't look right.

That's Eric hard at work painting. How lucky am I to have a husband who joins in on my wild, spontaneous, not always thought through home improvement projects? VERY lucky, indeed.




We finally invested in white blinds for the kitchen! You don't know how exciting that was. Why would anyone buy, let alone install and keep PINK blinds? Grosssss. And why did it take us this long to replace them? That's the real mystery. But all that matters is that now we have white ones...even if they are $5 Wal-Mart brand blinds. We don't have many options here people!

My lovely assistant installed them :)
Tada! The final product!

Eric and I are very pleased with the new paint job. It's definitely a keeper.

This has been an extremely inexpensive kitchen remodel, but I think we've used our money wisely and it's made a HUGE difference in our home.

On deck: window valences for the kitchen!!

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