Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easy Pillow Makeover

Well, this isn't the most fascinating project, but I just wanted to point out how amazingly simple and quick you can makeover details in your home. This project took about 15 minutes total!

I am in love with the drape fabric from my good friend, Jenn. It is perfect for our basement. 
Remember the valences I made in a jiffy with the same fabric?
Well, I decided to recover a couple of gross 
old pillows we had lying around.

I told you that I love stitch witchery, and this is why. 
It has endless possibilities! 

Here are the nasty pillows. They blend in with the carpet. Yuck.

I laid out the drapes inside out and measured where to cut so that the pillow was snug in it's cover
So, there you have the two pieces that we'll iron together with the help of some hemming tape 
(the fabulous stitch witchery). P.S.- I think they should start paying me for all of this free advertising I'm giving them! hehe

And then, start ironing! Easy as that.
Keep one side open, flip it inside out, stuff the pillow inside and hem it all together.

Doesn't that just look like it belongs on that red couch? I think so :)
When anyone asks about that cute pillow on my couch (that doesn't read this blog), I'm going to tell them that it's an expensive designer pillow. I think they'll believe me.

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  1. Kelli! I'm so jealous of those pillows! Give me that fabric back, dangit! :) Just kidding, but I AM really inspired by this and your switch stitchery! Love the pillows!


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