Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Impromptu Garden Room

In the words of my husband, I have a "black thumb". That's the opposite of a green thumb.
Let's just say that I tend to kill plants. My usual downfall is over-watering. My plants usually grow mold for that reason. Gross! 
Now that I've been able to identify my fault, I have gotten better. 
Maybe my thumb is gray now.

Even though my skills are poor, my intentions are good and my desire for a garden is kind of becoming an obsession. I am bound and determined to have a successful garden, gosh darnit.

So, I decided to start a little greenhouse in our office. I have started many plants and so far it's not too shabby! 

Check it out.

I started with some seeds..

Check out the greenhouse effect. ooh lala

Let there by LIFE!

Do you think this guy needs to be trimmed?? See, this is a problem.
I have one plant that has done exceptionally well, so I refused to cut it back. I fear that if I do, it might die along with the other plants that have perished in my care. Wahhhh! 
I know, trimming is good for the plant.
I'll do it. 
One day.

So far, the plants are doing well. 

Does anyone have suggestions for keeping it up? Watering more, watering less, more sunlight, less sunlight, when to transfer to bigger pots, etc??

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