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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I turned 25!

I had a wonderful birthday weekend, so I thought I'd
share the festivities with you!
We started by going to the Zac Brown Band concert at
Cheyenne Frontier Days.
We had never been to Frontier Days, so it was quite exciting.
I especially loved all of the horses!

 These were the largest horses I've ever seen in my life.
Some of them were over 2,000 pounds and over 6 feet tall.
Just look at his height compared to the man brushing him!

The concert was great!

We do love fair food! 

We stayed in Ft. Collins that night and went to the Pouder Canyon outside of town.
Definitely one of my favorite places to visit!

 We spent the rest of that day eating at my (our) favorite restaraunts in Ft. Collins and walking around downtown. It's becoming our little tradition to explore Ft. Collins every year for my birthday.

And Eric got me the shoes that I have wanted for a long time!! Yay!

And here is my new baby that I got over the weekend: 

 I've been wanting a DSLR for a long time now, so I took the plunge.
We weren't planning on buying the camera on Saturday, but we found an awesome deal that we couldn't pass up. I'm learning a lot about DSLRs and hope that this will open some doors for me to take professional-ish pictures in town.
Unfortunately, the ion battery charger was not in the box when we bought us (and we didn't realize it until we were an hour out of town), so I haven't been able to even turn the camera on.
Frustrating, but I'm being patient!
I can't wait to start using it!

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