Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Hallway Collage

Our main drain backed up (AKA flooded) in the basement a couple of days ago, so we're airing out the house...which means no A/C. Lucky for us, it's not blazing hot like it is back home. But it's definitely not cool here either. The worst part of the flooded sewer basement is that the house now smells like mildew.
I think there are few things worse than the smell of mildew. 
We are working on getting the smell out and contemplating replacing all of the carpet downstairs. Replacing carpet=moola that we'd rather not spend. Boooo.
The reason why I'm telling you this is that this here post is my attempt at forgetting about the nasty smell and things I should be doing to fix the flooded basement. I'm pretending that the only thing I'm thinking about now it hallway collages! And it's working!

I love me some wall collages.

We have a very tiny wall in our hallway that I've deemed the collage wall. 
It is ever-changing, and I have about a million new ideas of what to add and change, but this is it now!

I love keys, and really want a collection.
But since I've only found a few so far, I decided to spray paint two of them to change it up a bit.
That's all folks!
Off to a fun-filled birthday weekend! And yes, I most definitely plan on forgetting about the nasty smell and water-soaked basement this weekend. I'll show that carpet who's boss!

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