Monday, July 18, 2011

Barkley, now and then

This is what a typical Saturday night in the Rinehart
household looks like.
Dog training.

Ok, maybe not every Saturday night. 
 But it's not rare to find us using training as entertainment. 
You gotta do whatcha gotta do in this town!

Barkley, shake.

This is just crude and rude. We are trying to teach Barkley to "leave it", meaning a treat,  or something else that he wants. 
This has taken a while because Barkley won't take his eyes off the treat to be told what to do next! I think he's worried it'll run off, so he needs to keep an eye on it.  

And this is sweet Barkley just a year ago!

We have been through a lot with Barkley and his (once) aggressive ways, but it has all been worth it!
I'm sure we were given a difficult dog for a reason, because I know that Eric and I have definitely grown as a couple in the process.
 Dogs sure do teach us humans a lot!

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