Monday, July 11, 2011

The Exterior- Before and After

I love me some before and after shots.

I was outside watering plants the other day and realized how very different the outside of our house looks now. It's incredible what a little bit of paint will do!

This is us on move-in day. I'll tell you what, we were so excited to have our own home that we sure as heck didn't see any flaws in it. I remember thinking for the first 6 months that I won't change a thing, it's just perfect! And it still is perfect, don't get me's just that the newness has worn off and some changes needed to be made.

 Hmmm, look at that gorgeous brick red color, the chic lattice, and of course, the perfectly crafted X's. I know what you're thinking..."why on earth don't you like this beautiful porch?". Call me crazy.

And here it is now! Well, yesterday. 

Yes, I have a slight obsession with pots. I'll get it under control. 

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