Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Independence Day

Remember that Martina McBride song (Independence Day)? Classic. That song just plays over and over in my head on the 4th of July. Strange, I know.

We had a great 4th. I hope you all did too!

 We taught the neighbors how to play frisbeer!

Jim and Nicki have a miniature Australian Shepherd, Sadie. 
She is adorable...and TINY! 
Barkley is a strange creature. He doesn't care for humans, but he is incredibly sweet to all animals he encounters (so far anyway). Sadie likes to tease him. Barkley just acts like the annoyed older uncle. 
The interaction is pretty cute to watch :)


 And this is adorable Aidan. He had an accident in the first 3 minutes of the celebration. He sat on a chair, and it flipped over. He hit his head on the concrete, and off he and Mom flew to the ER. Thank goodness all was well! Aidan came back with a balloon and a big smile on his face.

Meet Ethan. 

Who knew Doritos could be so difficult to open!

Here's the crew

And our wonderful neighbors, Jim and Nicki
And I'll leave you with this gem
But really, she is the sweetest little thing. Ashlee is who takes piano lessons from me. 

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