Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Old Barn Door

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted an
old barn door for a headboard.
I'm not sure where this vision came from, but I can tell you that it hasn't left my mind in years.
I've looked around for the perfect door for the longest time. Remember those treasures that Eric got from his coworker's garage? The PERFECT door was one of those treasures!
So, my dream came true. I have an old barn door for a headboard!!

Here's the reveal:

It was originally a deep red, so I white-washed it so make it fit in better with our bedroom.

Eric went to work putting 2x4 boards on the back of the bed and attaching them to the bedframe.
So handy!

Our room is by no means huge, so although the door fits perfectly with the actual bed, it does go over the window a bit. We'll just have to live with it.

I'm so in love with it!!
I now have a vision for what I'll put on the wall above the bed.
That will have to come another day, sigh...


This is the bed just 2 days ago...
And sidenote- there will be a post coming soon with instructions on how to make that cute pillow in the middle.

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