Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Weekend of Fun, Family and Friends

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to spend 4 days with my parents and brother back in Salina and then to Kansas City. Eric couldn't get off work, so he stayed home :( Although I missed him, I had a wonderful time with my family!
Unfortunately I didn't get pictures from anything at the Kansas City portion of the trip.  We went to my cousin's wedding in Mission, KS, which was just beautiful! There was family there who I haven't seen in some time, which is always so nice. 
And THEN, I slipped over to Weston, KS to celebrate one my dearest friend, Hannah, and her fiance's engagement! That experience was absolutely priceless. Her reaction to my surprise attendance was amazing! I was just on cloud nine that I could be there to celebrate such a big day for them. Kyle put so much thought into that day for Hannah. Everything about them makes me happy, and now I can't wait for the big wedding day!! 

These first few pictures are from the building that my Brother bought in Brookville, KS. One day it will be a bar and grill! It is the coolest old building and has so many stories to tell over the years.

I took a couple hours to drive around my parent's property and take pictures.
I just love the calmness of it all.

My Dad had a company picnic at a local pumpkin patch one of the evenings. 
When it cooled down, they had a bonfire that we all gathered around.

The other portion of the trip was picking up my new car. We salvaged my SUV that I've had since college due to the hail that totaled it. And now I'm driving a Honda Accord that gets amazing gas mileage! It's a welcome change to spend significantly less on our multiple trips back to Kansas, and makes it less of a financial burden when we want to jet off to the mountains for the weekend.
My trips back to Kansas are always jam packed, but I can't complain! It's always lots of fun packed into the days I have there.

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